Richard Wood & Associates Pty Limited established 25 years, provides the following specialised property valuation services.

Expert Witness and Litigation Assignments

Expert Witnesses. In some cases a party may retain a person who is a specialist in a subject for the purpose of providing his/her expert opinion on an aspect of the case. Such people may become an expert witness, if they are qualified in their area of expertise, training and specialised knowledge.

David Wood with 25 years experience in property valuations as a FAPI AREI Registered Valuer & Certified Practising Valuer, qualifies as an expert witness.

Retrospective Valuations

A retrospective valuation, also known as a historical or backdated valuation, is a property price based on a previous date. Historical valuations are commonly used for:

  • capital gains tax
  • family law and separation
  • estate purposes where a current market valuation is not relevant.

Probate Valuations

An executor will be required to provide an estimate of the total value of all the assets (property/chattels etc), so that tax liabilities can be correctly assessed. A probate property valuation report is also commonly used to help identify the fair market value of a deceased estate on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Portfolio Assignments

We work with investors to value their portfolios on a national and international basis. An investor may be considering one or more of the following:

Buy or sell

Assist to determine what you should pay to purchase or sell the property.

Report values

Establish values for investors or for internal reporting purposes.

Mortgage financing

A lender or investor may need to determine how much can be borrowed on the property.


David Wood’s 25 years property valuation experience will assist in determining the next actions for the property, providing insight on the best use of the property.

Superannuation Fund Valuations

Accurate asset valuation is integral to ensuring SMSF compliance with super legislation. SMSF assets must be valued at their current market value. SMSF trustees can take responsibility for valuing many types of assets if they wish, or they can use the services of independent professional valuers.

Specialist Retail Valuer

A specialist retail valuation is different to other types of valuations such as a residential valuation. It requires a considerable amount of work and is a costly process. The cost of the valuation relates to the complexity and volume of work required.

Ratings Objections

The rates valuation process is the responsibility of each municipality. This includes undertaking the valuations used for municipal rating and state land tax assessment purposes. … Rating valuations are based on the sale prices and rental returns of similar properties.

In some cases Councils have erroneously valued properties and applied higher rates than the land owner should be paying.

David Wood will assist you in having land re-rated.

Property Consultancy

David Wood’s vast experience in property valuations spanning 25 years will assist you in making important decisions in relation to your property or real estate portfolio.

Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax, Goods & Service Tax Valuations

David Wood & Associates provides you with piece of mind that your statutory calculations are correct.

Asset and Insurance Valuations

Ensure you have adequate insurance by understanding the real value of what is being insured.

  • Replacement with New
  • Reinstatement
  • Indemnity Value
  • Industrial Special Risk (ISR) policies
  • Agreed Value policies
  • Loss Adjustment

Sales and Purchase Valuations

Whether the real estate marketing is rising, stable or declining it is critical to have property valued that you are buying or selling, to insure a prudent decision and forward action.